iWOMP: Putting The Social Back in Social Media


he traditional idea of voting has gotten a bit of an upgrade from team members at Context a3. It’s gotten a bit of a re-purposing, as well. The newly developed iWOMP, a traveling, on-site, social media strategy, is CA3’s unique and interactive approach for sharing business messages and for getting companies and participants actively involved. Essentially, it’s a technology-based marketing tactic that encourages consumers to share messages on Facebook and Twitter in real life, which, ultimately, puts the “social” back in social media.

In many ways, iWOMP is much like voting, but it’s better, because everyone wins.  To break it down, the iWOMP campaign, which is set up at participating locations or events, enables customers and fans to use the social media platform(s) of their choice to share photos, keywords, and hashtags about their favorite products and services and, essentially, to support their favorite businesses.

For participating businesses, iWOMP provides customer engagement, immediate feedback, and word-of-mouth marketing at its best.  People arrive at their favorite locations, ready to make purchases and support various establishments, but before they leave, they get to interact with iWOMP and share some love for these companies.  And each business drives their own campaigns, chooses their messages and photos, and, of course, gets to check out results from the social media posts, likes, comments, and so forth.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, the customers who engage with iWOMP  get more than just the warm fuzzies for sharing posts or tweets.  Based on each company’s unique products or services, participants receive immediate, on-site rewards, like discounts, freebies, samples, or perks

iWOMP officially launched on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, with an interactive social gathering that celebrated both the social media participants (from all over various industries) as well as the participating businesses: Pepper Place Market, Jones is Thirsty, and Fleur De Lys Cooking Company.  Guests mingled and engaged with iWOMP by making “live” posts with their smartphones… while they enjoyed delicious desserts and treats and sampled several hand-selected wines.

iWOMP is now live, and the CA3 team is excited to work with businesses who are interested in sharing their messages in powerful and unique new ways.  For details or for more information, visit iwomp.com


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