Jones is Thirsty/Hungry

sister websites


one brand, two companies

Scott raised an interesting challenge–two sites, one brand. Our goal was to create sister sites that worked together to represent the Jones brand–and also catered to two separate user types.

  • Context A3 didn't just build one site for me, they built a separate site for a sister company. So two sites, each with a unique mission, and the Context A3 team nailed it creating a dynamic visual package that perfectly complements both sites.

    Scott Jones
    Scott Jones Jones is Hungry | Jones is Thirsty

Giving Back

A special showcase illustrates Scott’s humanitarian efforts to quench thirst around the world. With bold images, parallax, and a prominent call-to-action, we made sure to highlight Scott’s philanthropy and offer benefits to those willing to help.


For Jones is Thirsty, we wanted to feature an easy to read, easy to share blog. Jones is Hungry uses large, image-forward buttons to display his services beautifully on any device.

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