Introduction to the social logo: What it is, why you should care, and an overview of the upcoming series.


t is no secret that a good logo is essential to any brand trying to leave its mark on consumers. A good logo is simple, memorable, and impactful. The same rules apply when you’re creating a social logo.

With the increasing speed of real-time marketing and decreasing length of the average person’s attention span (7 whole seconds, merely 1 less than a goldfish), it’s harder than ever to stay relevant, and really leave an impression on someone.

In this article series, We will be discussing how to take your brand and craft a social logo that will make your social media profiles shine. 

What’s a Social Logo?

A social logo is a logo designed specifically for social networking. Avatars, profile pictures–there are many names for many different social sites. Now, there’s no need to abandon the logo you already have just yet.

Creating a social logo does not mean starting from scratch, by any means. It evolves, just as your brand does, and social media will only encourage growth. Nike uses their iconic “Swoosh” on a flat black background, The New Yorker uses a classic character illustration, and Oreo (in lieu of their traditional logo mark) simply uses an Oreo. 

Why Should I Care?

A strong social logo:

  • Increases trust in your Brand
  • Makes for friendlier social sharing
  • Instills positivity and happiness within consumers
  • Is more recognizable to existing fans

A social logo is the first step in standing out from your competition with a well-developed and consistent brand across your social media.


In upcoming articles of this design series, we cover the dos, the don’ts, and an all-inclusive spec sheet with every social logo dimension you didn’t know you needed. 

Stay tuned for The Social Logo: Part II, where we will discuss some of the best practices of logo design.

Jade Foster
A graphic designer and typophile who enjoys long hours in photoshop, creating unique design solutions, and the possibilities inherent in a white blank page.
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